What is a Brand Ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are brand representatives who represent a company or product. They are also known as brand advocates, brand evangelists, and sales representatives, but their job is the same: to promote a company’s products through word of mouth.

A brand ambassador is a person who is hired by a company to promote its products and/or services. The ambassador might be someone who has become passionate about a brand, or it could be someone who is simply an influential person in their community.

For example, if you run a small business and need to give out free samples of your new perfume/toothpaste/cologne/t-shirts (you get the idea), it makes sense that you would want to find people who like your company and will therefore try out one of your products on the spot. These people are known as ambassadors!


A brand ambassador is a person who represents your brand in the public eye. They become the face of your brand, and they are responsible for creating content that helps you promote your products and services.

Brand ambassadors are often celebrities or influencers—people with a large following on social media. This allows them to reach an audience that may not otherwise be exposed to your product or service.


  • They have a strong personal brand.
  • They’re engaged, creative, and open to new ideas.
  • They’re active on social media.
  • They have a good understanding of your brand.
  • They can represent your brand in a positive way.


Finding brand ambassadors is easier than you might think. First, find people who already love your brand and talk about it on social media—this is the best way to find brand ambassadors because they are already a fan of what you have to offer. Second, look for passionate fans who are influential in their communities or have a large social media following. Finally, find people who can help spread the word about your product or service by reviewing it favorably on social media and mentioning it when they interact with others in their daily lives.


Brand ambassadors are a great way to spread brand awareness. They can help you build a community around your brand, and they can also help you build your brand’s image.

The benefits of having a brand ambassador include:

  • Brand ambassadors are more likely to be engaged with their fans and followers because they have something in common with them (a shared interest or passion). This makes it much easier for them to promote the products they love because they have personal experience of using them – so they know what works well!
  • They often have strong social media followings which means that if you invest money in advertising then there’s a good chance people will notice it due to the massive amount of followers that these people have on their channels. This could lead directly to sales leads if those viewers decide that this sounds like something worth trying out themselves!


If you are looking for people who believe in your brand and see value in it, your fans can be your brand ambassadors.

Brands that have organized groups of fans as their ambassadors have found great success with this strategy. The best part is that these fans were already passionate about the brand and willing to promote it without being asked.

There are many benefits of having a strong ambassador program:

  • They help you connect with customers–brand ambassadors provide valuable feedback on what customers think about the product or service they offer. They also help build trust by providing positive reviews from real users rather than paid advertisements. This makes it easier for potential customers to decide if they want to buy something from your company or not. If they do, they’re likely going to feel good about spending money on something endorsed by someone else who has tried it too!
  • They help build trust between suppliers/buyers–if both sides are satisfied then there’s less chance of buyer’s remorse down the road when customers get home after making purchases online; in fact, this type of relationship can lead right back into another purchase cycle when those same customers discover new uses for products purchased earlier even though there was nothing wrong with those first purchases per se.”


Brand ambassadors are people who have a passion for your brand. They are people who care about the issues and values that you stand for and want to show this through their actions. You can find these people by reaching out to them directly or finding them among your existing customer base. For more about branding and to read our branding glossary click the following link: Glossary of Branding Terminology from A to Z – What is a Brand?