Isca Brand Logo in Black font with the Revive a Bee Mascot

Brands that Help People & Planet

Revive a Bee®

Revive a Bee is a brand that helps people help the planet by saving one bee at a time. Together we can make a difference.

UK Seed Paper

UK Seed Paper makes it easier for businesses to use environmentally friendly material for marketing.

Terra Climbers

Terra Climbers aims to help people progress in their climbing abillity. All products made from sustainable materials. 

Trusted by Brands

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands.


ISCA Brands' has had to improvise, adapt and overme any hurdles to get to where we are today.

Limited Company Formation

8th January 2021
The Limited company was formed and the name Isca Brands was chosen to represent the large range of brands we wanted to create. 

Revive a Bee® Trademark

17th February 2021
We secured our trademark and went on to open an Amazon Brand Store. A #1 Best Seller, Revive a Bee is now available via Amazon Prime in multiple countries.

UK Seed Paper

6th April 2021
We registered the domain name for UK Seed Paper and started to sell seed paper sheets and shapes on platforms such as eBay and Etsy.

Rewilding Britain

9th August 2021
ISCA Brands started donating 1% of all sales to 'Rewilding Britain' via the Work for Good platform. 

UK Seed Paper + Minuteman Press

16th February 2022
We teamed up with a local print expert in order to offer Seed Paper printing services at scale to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK.

Exeter City Council

28th March 2022
Revive a Bee supplied Exeter City Council with 500 Revive a Bee Revival Keyring's to help with the launch of the new environmentally friendly passivhaus leisure centre.

Terra Climbers

2nd April 2022
Terra Climbers is a brand that aims to capitalise on the recent upward trend in climbing by offering cool affordable gifts and strength training aides. 

Our Climate Commitments

Rewilding Britain

We donate 1% of Sales from all brands to Rewilding Britain.


We offset our carbon emissions by planting trees.

Pack Help

We use sustainable packaging for all our brands.