Isca Brands’ Portfolio​

We’re extremely proud to be working on these Brands.

Meet the Founders​​

Isca Brands and its affiliates are all led by managing partners, Paul and Ed.

Paul Keating

Edmund Yates

We Like to Write!

We like to write about our experiences with our brands. From the tools we use, the mistakes we made and all our little wins, we try to cover a wide range of business topics and we hope you’ll find something helpful in each and every article.


Whether you’re a start-up investigating different branding techniques or you’re on a mission to become a household brand, here we cover all things branding.


If you know how to market, you’ll never need to hire salespeople. From the 7 P’s to inbound digital marketing trends, here we talk about all things marketing.


Here we talk about Software as a Service and the many different Web-based tools and applications that are available.


Whether you’re searching for top-performing keywords or want to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, here we cover all things Search.

Need Help with Your Business Idea?

Like the look of what we get up to here at Isca Brands? Want to work with us on your new business idea or an existing business? Give us a call or drop us a message.

How can we help you?​

Isca Brands is a customer-focused company and our business is your business!


We work with a number of graphic designers both in-house and freelance. Our standards are high and we pay close attention to small details.


We love open-source systems and with over 12 years of combined experience, there’s not much we can’t do on the internet.


If you know how to market products and services correctly you’ll never need salespeople.

Social Media​

One of the most important parts of Social Media marketing is knowing when and where to post which type of content.


From building our own eCommerce stores using WooCommerce to selling on marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon FBA.

Help & Support​​​

We offer continued support for all our clients and we take pride in offering exceptional customer service.

Trading Standards Approved

Isca Brands Limited is Trading Standards Approved with some Brands being Made in Devon.