marketing ideas for a prosecco van

Creative Marketing Ideas For A Prosecco Van

Wine and prosecco, what’s not to love?

While you might think it’s easy to spread the word about your new prosecco van, this industry has quickly grown, making it harder for individual sellers to get the bookings they need.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Carefully executed marketing that leverages a wide range of platforms and channels, sounds easy in practice but what does it actually mean?

Want to increase your bookings and position yourself as the best prosecco van in your local area?

We cut through the marketing jargon to give you 11 creative marketing ideas for a prosecco van that you can act on right now to start filling your calendar months in advance.

10 Creative Marketing Ideas For Your Prosseco Van Business

You don’t have to use all of the marketing ideas listed below but each one of these techniques has been proven to skyrocket your visibility both on and offline.

1. Master Social Media Marketing

Social Media is your best friend as the owner of a Prosecco van. The events, atmosphere and look and feel of a prosecco van all lend themselves to social media content.

Whether it’s a bride having her first sip of wine as a married woman or a stunning birthday event covered in fairy lights this kind of imagery kills it on social.

So how do you take advantage of social media to start creating consistent leads and bookings?

Picking the social media platforms

As an absolute bare minimum you’ll need active accounts (publishing regularly) on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Other channels I would strongly encourage include:

  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Once you’ve established which social platforms you’d like to use you need to create an easy way to post on a regular basis.

Simplifying your publishing

You run a prosecco van, you’re busy and you don’t have time to be posting on individual platforms every hour. So how do you do it?

Social Media Management tools allow you to schedule your posts well in advance, post to multiple accounts and social media channels and even give you condensed analytics to see how your posts are performing from one central hub.

We like to use HeroPost which currently has a lifetime deal but many opt for the more popular options like Buffer or Hootsuite.

Now just a few hours of scheduling can set up your social accounts for the next year leaving you to deal with the important stuff like delicious, fizzy prosecco.

2. Create a Website That Converts Vistors Into Customers

A website acts as a hub for all your digital marketing efforts. Word of mouth, social media, email campaigns and organic search can all drive traffic and bookings to your website.

Your main focus when it comes to the design and content on your site should be conversion. Conversion simply means is your website able to turn traffic and eyeballs into new leads and even bookings for your prosecco van.

Let’s look at some of the key elements of conversion that you can easily apply to your website and increase your revenue:

Contact forms

Contact forms are essentially just structured emails. A good contact form lets you pick different fields that can help save you time.

When you’re trying to market your prosecco van there are key bits of information that you need to know to asses a warm lead.

An ideal setup for your contact form would be something like this:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Event
  • Event Date
  • Event Time
  • Number Of Attendees

If you offer additional services like food catering or photography you can add them to your form as potential upsells.

If you’re using WordPress as your CRM you can quickly add any of the below contact form plug-ins without any coding skills:

These simple form builders allow you to easily style the design, change fields and record your contact form entries. Turning your website into the perfect lead generation tool for your prosecco van.

Online booking systems

Stepping up from a contact form you can add a booking and payment system to your site.

If your website is on WordPress implementing a booking system is as simple as installing and setting up a plug-in.

Any of the plugins below give you a simple interface to allow you to set your availability and display specific prices:

All of the above will enable you to schedule bookings and take payment without lifting a finger, now all you’ve got to do is send potential customers to your website.


When it comes to marketing a prosecco van, images are going to be key to helping potential customers visualise your services at their own events.

Make sure you use high-quality imagery that displays not only your prosecco van but attendees enjoying themselves. Faces sell and a group of smiling people around your prosecco van can be a powerful marketing tool.

Consider your niche. If your primary service is weddings then use the bride, groom and anything wedding-orientated for your imagery.

If your focus is corporate events then the images on your website need to reflect that. Helping visitors quickly establish if you’re prosecco van is the right fit for them.


Words matter and words that can mean the difference between web traffic and qualified leads matter a lot. Great copywriting can empathise, persuade and advise, presenting you as the best possible solution.

Copywriting is not something you can learn overnight and it needs a deep understanding of your target customer and what they need to hear to encourage them to buy.

Check out our guide on copywriting for small businesses to learn more about how copywriting can help you get bookings and how you can outsource it if writing isn’t your strong suit.


Building trust in your website doesn’t need to be complicated, just follow our simple steps below to present yourself as a professional business with all the relevant credentials.

Contact details – This goes without saying but businesses that don’t provide clear methods of communication can quickly lose trust with potential customers.

Make sure you have a phone number and email/contact form visible on the home page and create a dedicated contact page so people can quickly navigate via the header menu on your site just like the example below:

Secure domain – A SSL certificate means that your website is safe and secure. If you’ve ever visited an unsecured website you’ll be met with warnings that encourage you to leave ASAP. These are all terrible signals to send to new customers so making sure your website is fully protected with a valid SSL certificate is paramount.

If you’re using WordPress you can use the Really Simple SSL plugin or alternatively you can organise an SSL via your hosting provider.

About page – Your about page is your opportunity to explain why you do what you do and what sets you apart from everyone else. Try to keep it conversational and most importantly honest.

Testimonials or/and reviews – People love to hear feedback from others. Displaying reviews and testimonials on your site can help to answer any queries potential customers may have and demonstrates your success.

3. Host Your Own Prosecco Tasting Events

When you’re just starting out marketing your prosecco van you’re going to need to get the word out fast. Hosting your own tasting events is a great way to quickly introduce yourself to future customers.

  • You can opt to host a free event or charge a small fee to cover the wine for the evening.
  • Spend time preparing for your guests and ensure the space is well-signed and clean
  • Offer a range of tasting wines for various pallets.
  • Encourage people to share their experiences on social media
  • Consider offering attendees a discount if they book data at a later date
  • Use this as an opportunity to capture some images for your website and social channels

Where and how you host your free event will require some creative thinking but this is a great way to kick-start your marketing before you even have a single booking in the calendar.

4. Make Yourself As Visible As Possible On Google & Other Search Engines

Search engines have become more and more important to digital marketing. Get it right and you’ll receive consistent traffic from people actively searching for your service offering.

Sounds great right?

Getting to the top of search engines is no easy feat but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re doing everything you can to increase your visibility online.

GMB profile

GMB profiles act as a link to your business directly from Google search and Google maps. They’re a great way of displaying your services, opening hours, contact details, reviews and website links all from the search page.

Here I’ve typed the keyword ‘prosecco van london’ into a Google search and before I can even see any websites I’m met with a list of Google My Business profiles:

Setting up your Google Business profile is easy. Head over to the GMB platform, add in your business details and confirm your business with one of the verification methods provided.

Now next time someone types in ‘prosecco van (insert location)’ you’ll be popping up front and centre at the top of the search page.


SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website to appear higher in search engine results.

SEO requires a data-driven approach to assessing and improving your website for specific keywords or search terms.

It’s a very in-depth topic but it can be invaluable when you’re trying to market your prosecco van.

The easiest way to improve your visibility using SEO is with a solid content plan. This means creating pages or blog posts on your website that cater to your target audience, helping them solve their problems and positioning yourself as a viable solution.

Head over to our detailed guide on content marketing for UK-based websites to find out how to start building out your site and getting more traffic from search engines.


Citations are simply mentions of your business name, address and phone number on an external website that you don’t own.

Places like Yelp and Yext all specialise in business directories that allow you to list your business in just a few simple steps.

People also use these platforms to find relevant local businesses to work with and ensuring you’re there to be found could open you up to a whole new audience for your prosecco van.

Submitting your business individually can be very time-consuming so we like to use Bright Local. Simply enter your business details once, select the directories you’d like to be submitted to and Bright Local will handle all the rest for a very low fee.

5. Use Email Marketing

Ten years ago email marketing required a team and various digital tools. Now email marketing is accessible to everyone with easy-to-use tools like Send In Blue.

You can create email campaigns and even integrate your contact forms to collect emails into an easy-to-use list next time you want to do an email shout-out.

Better yet email opens you up to a whole range of new possibilities. Communicate special offers, share events, highlight business wins or just share some recent news.

As your prosecco van starts to establish itself as a local supplier your email list will grow, making your email marketing more profitable as time progresses.

6. Perfect Your Branding

Clean crisp branding can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your perceived value.

Brand identity is important to any business. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors, and it’s what helps you establish a unique identity that customers can associate with.

Here are some tips for creating a brand identity for your business:

Competitive research – What are other prosecco vans doing? How do they position themselves against each other? What do their logos look like, and how does that relate to their brand identity?

Audience – What kind of person would be drawn in by your message? What kind of person would feel good about supporting your business?

Design – Now it’s time to start looking at design trends in your industry. What colours are popular right now? What fonts are being used most often?

Creating a brand identity is more than just slapping a logo on your van and website and calling it good. It’s about creating an entire experience that people can associate with (in a good way!).

7. Film A Video Tour Of Your Prosecco Van

Video has quickly become one of the most viewed types of content and the barrier to creating high-quality videos has never been lower.

Filming a video is an amazing marketing idea for your prosecco van. A well-produced video can be used on your website, social platforms and email marketing and it’s much more likely to get shared by others.

You can opt to get a freelancer to come in for a few hours and produce a killer video tour or if you’re on a budget you could head to YouTube for some quick tutorial on how to shoot a short van tour of your own.

Try to film some scenes of your prosecco van in use with customers around. This can help people imagine themselves in the same scenario and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

8. Use PR To Spread Awareness About Your Prosecco Van

PR or public relations is an often overlooked form of marketing that can yield some amazing results.

So how do you do it?

  1. Make sure you have a newsworthy story, for most this means you can explain why you’ve started a prosecco van business and what sets you apart.
  2. Make a list of news outlets that might be interested in your story. Start small and local and work your way up.
  3. Always be honest with reporters, keep your story short and concise and just tell them what works best for you as an entrepreneur.

If this all sounds like a nightmare and outreach isn’t your cup of tea then consider using a PR agency to help share your story for you.

9. Use Targeted Advertising On Social Media & Search Engines

PPC stands for “pay-per-click.” It’s a type of paid advertising that allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

PPC ads are easily identifiable because they appear at the top and side of search engine results pages (SERPs) or as you scroll through search engine platforms.

When you create an ad, you choose keywords that describe what your business offers. For example, if you run a prosecco van business, you might choose “prosecco catering” as one of your keywords.

Then when people search Google or other search engines like Yahoo or Bing for “prosecco catering” in your area, they’ll see your ad along with their search results.

Social Media platforms will typically give you more granular control with the ability to pick demographics and shared interests to get laser-focused on your targeting.

10. Build Relationships With Decision Makers

Last but not least, good old-fashioned networking is still a perfectly viable marketing idea for your prosecco van.

Rather than trying to get customers to come to you, you can build relationships with other service providers that have crossovers with your business.

Examples of other service providers that could be complimentary to your marketing efforts include:

  • Wedding planners
  • Event organisers
  • Large companies and organisations

Positioning yourself as a trusted vendor can make it easier for other services to recommend you and you can even consider paying a small commission to anyone who helps you towards a new booking.


Now we’ve given you some inspiration for creative marketing ideas for a prosecco van it’s time to go and start taking some action.

Try to find a marketing idea that suits your skill set and when you’ve got a system that works look at ways you can scale it to achieve a consistent flow of qualified leads.

Looking for other ways to level up your marketing? Don’t miss more of our helpful guides below packed with tips and advice to help you on your marketing journey.