Web Development in Exeter

Maybe you want to learn more about the industry in your area or you’re looking for web development services in Exeter. Either way, this article will help explain the process and give you a head start. Understanding what you need to know and the process your web developer will be taking you through will make life easier in so many ways. So today I’m going to break down all the steps and processes that we go through with our customers. Giving you a clear understanding of where to start with your website development. So if you’re intrigued and want to know more about web design in Exeter grab a coffee or your favourite hot beverage, sit back, relax and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two.

Client Acquisition For Web Development

So before you can even think of getting stuck into web development you need a web development company like Isca Brands based in Exeter. We have clients approach us through a vast range of methods but some of the most popular are referral sources, networking, SEO and adding value to existing businesses. If you’re looking to get a website developed in Exeter chances are you are going to find the right developer for you via one of these channels.

What a Web Developer Will Want To Know

This will vary from client to client for us but some of the most common questions will be as follows:

Why do you want a website?

What do you want your website to achieve?

Do you already have a website?

Do you already own your domain name?

If you haven’t got a website have you thought about a domain name for instance www.example.com?

How many pages did you want on the site?

This is just a tiny slice of the consulting that goes on before anyone even signs on the dotted line but it’s important that you have a clear concise image of how you want your website to look and what you want it to achieve. At Prize Pig Media we take this part one step further and ask all of our clients to fill out a Brand Development Questionnaire which is designed to extract very detailed information on specific keywords, brand colours, company ethos etc.

What To Expect From Your Website

Whenever anyone asks me how to approach using and growing their website I always give the same explanation. Think of your website as your physical storefront. All of the same lessons apply and all of the same methods of engaging and growing your customer base apply. The added bonus? Your business is now exposed to an infinite amount of new leads, customers and clients. So what do you do? Roll up those sleeves and get to work on the same things I discussed in the client acquisition section for yourself.


More than anything the process of web development should be exciting. Like moving into a new storefront or entering a new market the possibilities are endless and the gains are tested and proven so don’t take my word for it have a look at our packages and get your business or idea online.

Take a look at Whipton Eye Centre; an optician in Exeter that went through this process with us.